INFINITI Service at Nissan Dealership in Rhode Island

With its refined style, high-end standard equipment, and European sedan-like comfort, the INFINITI brand offers an exclusive automotive experience. Where it differs from the European segment, though, is that maintaining one doesn’t have to break the bank – especially if you choose to have it serviced at a Nissan dealership.

Since this make is within the Nissan family, INFINITI owners are welcome to take their vehicles to any Nissan service department to get the same exceptional quality service as they’d get from their INFINITI dealer. And given Nissan’s close relationship with its upscale relative, you can rest assured that their service technicians will be just as respectful and accommodating to your luxury ride as they would with any Nissan they see in their shops.


Equal Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Since Nissan and INFINITI are so closely related, you’ll get the same stellar services across the board. You can expect only factory-approved parts and experienced Nissan technicians. If you were to take your INFINITI to an independent mechanic, for example, you might be coaxed into buying parts that are not specifically manufactured for your vehicle, but you won’t have to worry about that at a Nissan service department. What’s more, Nissan technicians know exactly what is required to keep your INFINITI running in top form.


Properly Trained Technicians

Factory-trained service technicians are as crucial as factory-approved parts, and when you service your INFINITI at Nissan, you’ll get both. Nissan’s technicians know everything there is to know about both makes and all of their varied models. While you could go to any mechanic for service, you run the risk that they won’t be aware of all the ins and outs of your INFINITI because they see so many different manufacturer brands.

Since certified Nissan technicians will be far more familiar with your INFINITI than the average mechanic, they’ll have the proper skill set and comprehensive training to ensure that your prized vehicle is in the best hands. And if you end up saving some cash at the same time, it’s an absolute win-win situation.