What does your Nissan’s check engine light mean?

March 22nd, 2016 by

Check Engine Light

Not every car problem is as obvious as a flat tire. Warning indicators like check engine lights can point to a multitude of unique problems. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap — or something potentially disastrous, such as a misfiring engine. Your Nissan’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) system contains a wealth of information about your vehicle’s health, and a professional Nissan technician can help you decipher what its sometimes cryptic messages mean.

What Are the Check Engine Light Signals?

Firstly, you can determine the severity of your vehicle’s issue by the Nissan check engine light flashing patterns or illumination. If the light is flashing, this means your engine is misfiring, and you need seek the skills of a professional immediately. If you continue to drive your car, you could exasperate the problem. Have your vehicle towed to the Certified Nissan Service Center here at Balise Nissan of Warwick where our factory-trained technicians will use specialized diagnostic equipment and genuine Nissan parts to address and correct the problem before your safety is in danger.

If the Nissan check engine light is illuminated but not flashing, check to see if the gas cap is tightened properly. If the light doesn’t shut off, promptly schedule a service appointment. There are a variety of parts that could be damaged that’ll cause your Nissan check engine light flashing to turn on. These parts range from spark plug wires or an oxygen sensor to the catalytic converter or mass airflow sensor. As a Nissan dealer in Warwick, RI, we have the expert staff and professional equipment to be able to read the code from the OBD system, determine the precise source of the problem, and repair your vehicle up to the manufacturer’s standards.

Visit Our Service Department

We at Balise Nissan of Warwick want to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. If you notice the Nissan check engine light flashing or that there’s another light illuminated on the dashboard, be sure to bring your Nissan in for a check. Better be safe than sorry. We also have rotating specials to help you save while getting the services or parts you need.

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