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When you're running a marathon, you wear appropriate athletic footwear, right? Specialized support and fit make all the difference when it comes to performance, and you can say the same about your vehicle and its tires. The right set of tires, properly aligned and regularly inspected, can significantly change your vehicle's ride quality. And in the event of low-quality or damaged tires, it can make a big difference in your safety, as well. At Balise Nissan of Warwick we provide comprehensive tire related services, including new tire sales and tire repair services. Shop our online tire store or read on below to learn more about the tire related services we offer at our RI dealership.

Tire Service & Sales

For Tire Sales and Service Near Providence, RI, Entrust the Surefootedness of Your Vehicle to Balise Nissan of Warwick

As a certified Nissan service center, our Balise Nissan of Warwick facility has the knowledge and the resources to outfit your Nissan in its original tires. We have the Nissan diagnostic equipment to ensure no troublesome wear-and-tear gets past us and onto the road, where it can put you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers in danger.

We're proud to be a trusted location for tire sales, service, and repair in the Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Coventry and North Attleborough, MA area, keeping all drivers in these communities safer by ensuring that every vehicle that visits our tire center in Warwick leaves running smoothly and safety. And regular tire rotations, just like oil changes, help to avoid costly repairs in the future.

You can schedule service with our tire center online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We encourage you to scroll through our service coupons to see if we're currently offering any tire specials on top of our already unbeatable tire prices.

For more information on tire sales or service at our service center, feel free to reach out to our service advisors at 888) 475-5573.

Winter Tires

Why Rhode Island Drivers Benefit from Winter Tires

If you live in a place where it rarely snows, you can probably get away with all-season tires for all seasons. However, we experience all types of weather here in the Warwick, Providence, Cranston, Pawtucket, Coventry, RI and North Attleborough, MA area -- and that includes heavy snowfall, frigid temperatures, and icy conditions. Because of this, Rhode Island and Massachusetts drivers genuinely benefit from the use of snow tires.

The certified Nissan service center here at Balise Nissan of Warwick is your place for professional winter tire service in Warwick. We inspect, install, align, and balance winter tires, so you can drive confidently and safety year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Winter Tires

What's so special about snow tires?

The name says it all. Summer tires are only intended for warm-weather use. Winter tires are specially designed to excel at temperatures below 45 degrees. Their unique tread depth and rubber compounds work together to provide superior grip and flexibility in low temperatures. They also improve traction by channeling snow and slush away from the tire's surface.

When the cold weather hits, equipping your car with summer or "all-season" tires that are not designed for winter travel will also cause the tires to wear out faster than necessary. That means you'll be cashing out for a new set sooner than you'd like.

Do all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles need snow tires?

Simply put, yes. If your AWD vehicle is equipped with improper tires, it can lose traction more often that a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicle with snow tires. Your AWD system is only as good as your car's tires, even with a traction control system.

How many winter tires do I need?

Four. We recommend always changing into an entire set of snow tires, as using only two means you're losing out on the traction control that comes with four. That's especially true when you only mount winter tires on the front axle, because even with a RWD vehicle, the front wheels do the steering. Two-, four- or all-wheel drive -- all drivetrains require all four tires to have superior traction in slippery conditions.

Can I keep winter tires on my car all year?

No, because just as summer tires only excel in summer weather, the same is true of winter tires in winter. Traveling on winter tires year-round also causes them to wear out prematurely. Be sure to fit your vehicle for summer tires when the snow melts.

Schedule Service with our Tire Center in Warwick, RI

For snow tire sales and service you can count on, schedule service with the professionally trained technicians here at Balise Nissan of Warwick. Our service team help you select the precise winter tires that suit your unique vehicle, and they can perform installation quickly, so you're back on the road in no time.

We also encourage you to explore our auto service specials before you visit us for a service, so you can be sure you're getting an exceptional price on exceptional tire service.

Unbeatable Prices

Unbeatable Tire Prices
Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE:
  • Mount and computer balance for tires purchased
  • Tire rotation for life for 4 tires purchased
  • 2 year road hazard warranty
  • Proper disposal of old tires
The Balise Low Price Guarantee
We'll beat any competitor's price on tires
Valid at all Balise locations. Tires must be an exact match (brand, tire line, size, load rating and speed rating) and include mounting and balancing of tires.

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