Nissan Concept Vehicles


Always with an eye toward the future, Nissan has a few intriguing concept vehicles up its sleeve with the goal of forever changing the way we drive. Although many concept vehicles never make it into production, they’re interesting to learn about because they show us the trajectory of the auto industry. Right now, Nissan has seven concept vehicles in the works: the IMS, XMotion, VMotion 2.0, Titan Warrior, IDS, IDX, and Frontier Diesel Runner. Below, we’ll run through some of the attributes of each of these potentially groundbreaking vehicles.


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IMS and VMotion 2.0

The IMS is Nissan’s concept of a fully autonomous electric sport sedan that aims to push the boundaries of technology and design. By embracing all three areas of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, and Intelligent Integration – the IMS is expected to herald a more sustainable mobile society. The IMS is designed for hands-free operation so that you’ll be able to step inside, sit back, and relax as it takes you where you need to go.

Electric power for the IMS is made possible by dual electric motors located in the front and rear with a fast-charging 115 kWh battery that will produce 483 horsepower (360 kW) and 590 pounds-feet of torque (800 Nm). On top of that, it will be capable of driving an estimated 380 miles on a single charge. The VMotion 2.0 is similar in its autonomous vision, but it has a stronger-looking appearance than the IMS. Nissan hasn’t yet revealed its projected performance attributes, though.


XMotion Autonomous SUV

This sharp three-row sport-utility vehicle concept shows off Nissan’s eventual design direction. The company has been looking to develop an SUV that brings something fresh to the segment while retaining Nissan’s Japanese heritage – including an in-cabin digital assistant shaped like a koi fish. Like the IMS, the XMotion is designed to be completely autonomous, and it’s intended to look strong but also elegantly refined. On the inside, there’s a floating command system that spans the length of the vehicle. This innovative tech detects motion from passengers and to control the entertainment, heating, and air conditioning.


Titan Warrior and Frontier Diesel Runner

These are Nissan’s futuristic pickup truck concepts. The Titan Warrior is an upgraded version of the existing Titan XD pickup, but its more aggressive off-road nature aims to take things to the extreme. Nissan has described this sleek yet rugged pickup as a stealthy robotic machine that features a full off-road suspension. Power will come from a 5.0-liter V8 Cummins turbo-diesel engine, and with the help of a quad exhaust system that makes a powerful roar, the Titan Warrior will be truly imposing. It even features a steering wheel made from solid aluminum.

The Frontier Diesel Runner is another futuristic variation of Nissan’s rugged truck lineup and a result of the automakers collaboration with Cummins. While information on specific features is sparse, its red and silver finish, contrasting wheels, carbon-fiber chin spoiler, mesh grille, and roof rack transform it into a stalwart beast. Its most unusual feature is a clear, acrylic hood that serves as a window to the Cummins powerplant within.


IDS Concept and IDX Models

The IDS Concept is a futuristic hatchback that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest electric vehicle (EV) innovations to help reduce emissions and, most importantly, eliminate traffic fatalities. It also features a Piloted Drive mode that remembers and matches the driver’s natural preferred style as it operates autonomously. When the vehicle is in this mode, the steering wheel will be replaced by a larger panel that displays your personal calendar, real-time updates to your routes, and other information you’ll need on the go. If you prefer a more hands-on driving experience, you can switch back to Manual Drive mode and the steering wheel will emerge from the center console. There will also be a system that communicates with pedestrians and cyclists near the vehicle to acknowledge that the car “sees” them. It will even flash messages to them along the lines of “After you,” to indicate that it’s granting them the right of way.

Although the IDX Freeflow and IDX Nismo models fall under the same IDX umbrella, they are vastly different. The Freeflow reflects a more casual, lifestyle-based vision, and Nissan has even chosen the car’s white and tan exterior colors to mimic the relaxed t-shirt-and-khakis wardrobe that the vehicle’s target market would likely wear. The more intense Nismo boasts a race-oriented design that looks like something straight out of a driving simulator. As with some of the other concept vehicles mentioned in this page, details on these two models remain scarce for the time being.