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Each day at Balise Nissan of Warwick, we proudly help drivers from the Warwick and all over Rhode Island find the vehicle of their dreams. But you certainly don’t have to be an Ocean State resident to purchase a vehicle from us. In fact, we get plenty of shoppers from southern New England and sometimes beyond, including many from Connecticut and Massachusetts. Contrary to what some may think, buying a car from a dealership out of state is actually quite straightforward. We make it a priority to simplify the process as much as we can, so that you can have a stress-free shopping experience and be on your way back home in a jiffy behind the wheel of your new Nissan.


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Sales Tax Collection

One question we get frequently is: “Will I have to pay sales tax in both Rhode Island and my home state?” To put it simply, no. You will only have to pay sales tax in the state where you register your car.


Emissions Standards

Each state imposes varying degrees of stringency for vehicles to pass their emissions testing, meaning a given vehicle from a state with less stringent standards may not clear the emissions standards to be registered in a different state. Rhode Island follows the standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the strictest air quality standards in the country. Ultimately, this means that any vehicle purchased in RI will also pass emissions requirements in the other 49 states.



If you are buying a car in Warwick, you may be concerned about driving it to your home state to register it. Rest assured, before you leave our dealership, we will give you a temporary registration and license plate that’ll allow you to drive your new vehicle home. You’ll have a few days to get your new vehicle registered before the temporary plate expires, but it’s a good idea to do it as soon as possible.